The Weather Solution for Your Mac
WeatherSnoop® connects your Mac to your favorite personal weather station or Internet-based data source, providing numerous data management features and a rich graphical representation of your weather data.

You can also share your weather with the world via free sharing services.

And it has the look and feel that you expect from a Mac application.

Version 3.1.6
3 hour per-run demo
Requires a Mac running OS X 10.5.8 or later.
Choose your personal weather station.
Console Friendly
WeatherSnoop interfaces with a host of popular weather stations from manufacturers such as Ambient Weather, Davis, Peet Bros., RainWise, WeatherHawk, and more.
Network Friendly Too!
Don't have a weather station? WeatherSnoop can also utilize network-based data sources on your local area network or over the Internet, including Weather Underground.
Connectivity Options
WeatherSnoop supports a wide array of connectivity options to supported personal weather stations, including USB, RS-232 and ethernet. There's even support for serial to ethernet adapters for serial-based stations.
Supported Weather Stations
  • Ambient Weather WS-1080/WS-1090
  • Ambient Weather WS-2080/WS-2090
  • Columbia Weather Systems MicroServer
  • Davis Vantage Pro2 (USB/Serial/IP Data Logger)
  • Davis Vantage Vue (USB/Serial/IP Data Logger)
  • Davis Weather Envoy (USB/Serial/IP Data Logger)
  • Maplin N96GY/N96FY
  • National Geographic 256NC
  • Peet Bros. ULTIMETER 100/800/2000/2100
  • RainWise WS-2000 Interface
  • RainWise CC-3000 Interface
  • Texas Weather Systems NWS/RWS
  • Tycon TP1080WC
  • WeatherHawk 600/Signature Series
  • Weatherwise Solar Pro
  • Visualize
    View your weather data with gauges and graphs.
    Real Time on your Desktop
    WeatherSnoop lets you view your weather in beautifully rendered high-resolution gauges that move in real time as your weather data changes. See the thermometer mercury rise and fall, and dials spin as wind speed and direction change.
    Gorgeous Instruments
    WeatherSnoop 3's Instruments windows are customized specifically for each weather station. Now you can see the exact weather information that pertains to your specific station.
    Great Graphs
    Analyzing your data is easy with rich, full color graphs that can plot multiple weather properties. Simply drag and drop weather properties onto existing graphs, or right-click on a gauge or property to display values in a new graph window.
    Custom Backgrounds
    Each visual window can have its own custom background for a personalized look and feel. You can select your own hi-res background photo or choose from a number of high quality images built right into WeatherSnoop.
    The tools you need for your weather data.
    Your Data's Custodian
    WeatherSnoop's Custodian allows you to view and edit historical data for each weather property that you choose. Just select a date range, drag and drop your properties into the window, then browse the values in the table. It's that easy!
    SQLite Goodness
    WeatherSnoop uses the popular SQLite database to store your archived data in a small, compact format. As real-time data is obtained from the weather station, it is saved directly to the database, where it can be graphed, analyzed or exported.
    Spreadsheet Friendly
    Full data exporting capability is available from within the Custodian. It's easy to export your weather data into comma-separated values (CSV) files that can be readily consumed by popular spreadsheet applications like Numbers or Excel.
    Bring your weather to the world.
    Weather Underground
    WeatherSnoop shares your weather data with Weather Underground, the premeire weather data service for personal weather stations.
    Sign up for a WeatherBug Backyard account and let WeatherSnoop upload your weather data to WeatherBug, another great on-line weather service.
    Met Office WOW
    Based in the United Kingdom, Met Office's Weather Observations Website gathers weather data from personal weather stations around the world.
    Weathercloud is a new weather sharing service that is supported by WeatherSnoop.
    PWS Weather
    Yet another great option for uploading your weather data is PWS Weather, where data is collected from personal weather stations across the United States.
    Citizens Weather Observer Program
    WeatherSnoop can upload your data to this popular weather service, in use by ham radio operators and other weather enthusiasts from around the world.
    The World Wide Web
    With WeatherSnoop's built-in web server, you can view your weather from your web browser. XML and JSON are also supported formats, and can also be sent to a server of your choice via FTP.
    Enhance your weather with plug-ins and add-ons.
    Robust Plug-In Architecture
    WeatherSnoop incorporates a powerful plug-in architecture that allows you to expand it with new features and functionality. The architecture is documented right in the User Guide, so developers can begin writing ready-to-use plug-ins right away.
    AppleScript Support
    Not a developer? Not a problem! You can use AppleScript, as well as web standard formats such as XML an JSON to obtain your weather data from WeatherSnoop for custom scripts and interfacing to other applications' plug-in architectures.
    Start Coding!
    Get started with your own plug-in by downloading one of our full-source plug-in example projects on GitHub. You'll be surprised by how easy it is to extend WeatherSnoop to your liking.
    Visit Our GitHub Repo
    Your weather, in your pocket.
    Take Your Weather With You
    WeatherSnoop for iOS is a great companion to your Mac! See up-to-the-minute weather data wherever you happen to be.

    The real-time weather view shows you the current weather data right at the station site, in gorgeous color. The forecast icon also tells you what's coming up over the next 12 hours.

    Keep a Weather Eye
    With the radar view, you get a bird's eye view of what's happening at your station location. Colorful overlays show threatening weather or rain.
    Your Personal Meteorologist
    Get a full, up-to-date summary of the current weather with the report view. It quickly summarizes the weather conditions at your station in an easy-to-read format.
    It's on the App Store!
    WeatherSnoop for iOS is optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and is available in the iTunes App Store.
    Choose the version that's right for you.
    WeatherSnoop Lite or Pro?
    Everyone's needs and budget are different. That's why we offer two flavors of WeatherSnoop: Lite and Pro.

    WeatherSnoop Lite is for users who want to download their data from their favorite station and upload to popular weather services, but don't need the analytical features that allow them to view weather directly on their Macs.

    For the more serious weather enthusiast, WeatherSnoop Pro offers additional tools such as instrument gauges, graphs, the Custodian, and more.

    Either way you go, both applications will give you access to your weather data. And if you purchase WeatherSnoop Lite and decide later to go Pro, you can always purchase the Lite-to-Pro upgrade for just the difference in the price!

    Head-to-Head Comparison
    Here's how WeatherSnoop Lite stacks up to Pro.

    Download data from any supported station
    Upload data to services such as Weather Undground, WeatherBug, and more
    AppleScript support
    View current weather properties
    Visualize the weather with instruments and gauges
    Plot data with graphs
    Peruse and modify archived data with Custodian
    Export data to your favorite spreadsheet
    View the weather summary
    Keep logs of weather incidents with Weather Notes
    See the latest weather images with Radar

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